Jumpers for speakers – GOLD 6x set 4 pcs


Jumpers for speakers made with multiple silver-plated OFC copper conductors, multiple Teflon insulation and proprietary shielding. The spade connectors are 24K gold plated to optimize tonal balance.


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These jumpers are made with silver-plated OFC copper conductors, with multiple Teflon insulations and proprietary shielding which determine great linearity in frequency, the same philosophy used in our speaker cables, all of which determines great linearity in frequency.

High-quality 24K gold-plated spade connectors are used to optimize tonal balance.

The exceptional electrical and mechanical characteristics of these jumpers will help to achieve a warm and overwhelming sound, with excellent realism without clouding and opacity during playback, with an infinitely black background and the true depth of range required by music.

Everything develops in a sound stage that is nothing short of real.


These features give it top-of-the-range quality.

Additional information

Synergy and Performance

These Sound Fidelity jumpers help to improve the sound result of the system as very often the jumpers supplied as standard are of low quality, made of brass, with conductivity significantly lower than copper.

As a result, your system will benefit from greater frequency extension and greater detail that will develop into a wider, more three-dimensional soundstage.

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