Ayama Loudspeakers

Planning, design and choice of the components of our loudspeakers, transform a musical reproduction into a real event. Ayama is an active part of the line.

Reference Cables

The great attention in the design and in the choice of the materials of our cables, makes them unique giving a listening pleasure and an unparalleled emotion, the REFERENCE line is proof of this.


Sound Fidelity was born from the passion for musical reproduction, its existence is continuous experimentation in search of the highest possible fidelity, trying to better grasp the particularities and naturalness of the original instrument. To say that music transmits emotions is a cliché, our prerogative is to transform this concept into an established reality, allowing the vibration in every little nuance to make every single listening magical.




“Italian Masterpieces”

The philosophy applied to the creations of each Sound Fidelity product is like an authentic work of art, evoking the special feeling of beauty and emotions, offering a window to artistic performance. The continuous desire to create and design masterpieces does not stop at the audio product itself, but stands in a context of quality and elegance, always working to create the best musical representation in a beautiful guise.

“Bright Future”

Sound Fidelity will continue to expand and explore its range of experiences, technologies and materials to be able to create new paths to quality and elegance in high-end audio. The subtle vibrations that a Sound Fidelity system offers are capable of arousing deep personal emotions, which must be experienced to be believed.