Balanced interconnection cable XLR-GOLD 1x


Balanced signal cable made with silver plated OFC copper conductors, with double Teflon insulation and shielding. The XLR connectors are rhodium- plated to optimize the tonal balance.

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This balanced signal cable is made with silver plated OFC copper conductors, with double Teflon insulation and shielding that determines a great linearity in frequency. Excellent quality rhodium-plated XLR connectors are used, witha carbon shell to optimize the tonal balance. -The electrical and mechanical characteristics of this cable will help to achieve greater dynamics and naturalness in the audio message. Thanks to these characteristics, a sound rich in harmonics and details is obtained, without veiling and opacity, a realistic sound, not artifact, which creates a large three-dimensional scene and with a perception of increased depth.These features give it the best quality / price ratio.

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Synergy and Performance

Sound Fidelity balanced signal cables provide your electronics with unparalleled synergy, eliminating loss of signal information and achieving maximum performance. As a result, your system will benefit from greater frequency range and more detail that will develop into a larger, three-dimensional soundstage.

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